Passel is the world’s first crowd-sourced delivery company

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What is Passel?

Passel is the world’s first crowdsourced home delivery company. This means that, instead of professional or even part-time couriers carrying out deliveries, it will be people on their way home from the shops such as people working in the vicinity or regular shoppers.

The Passel Times

Want to keep up to date with everything Passel? The Passel Times is a less sales-oriented view of Passel’s startup journey. We release this fortnightly via newsletter or our blog above. You’ll see our KPI’s, challenges we’re dealing with, and I’ll usually ask for feedback on something new.

Why partner with Passel?

50% of US retail sales are online

Same day delivery exceeds expectations

Same Day Delivery every day of the year

Weekends, public holidays and evenings