Here’s a quick update on Passel activity this week plus a couple of favours, if I may.

Seed funding

One of the key differences between a “good idea” and a startup is funding.

I’m pleased to announce Passel has received seed funding from Gavan Stewart via Yellow Express.

This money will be used to bring on the first few clients in 2017, register our first Delivery Members and then start delivering. Grow, grow, grow!
Sales Pitch

It’s time to get in front of as many brick and mortar retailers as I possibly can. I’ve been reaching out through my own network, but need your help.

If you know anyone at all who is connected to e-commerce, omnichannel marketing, online sales, online logistics and marketing in an Australian brick and mortar retailer I’d appreciate an introduction. Timing is a big part of this game and I’d love to talk to retailers who are recovering from their Christmas home delivery woes and lost sales.

My details are:
0419 134 461

I’m contactable all the time.


Working on a few options for taglines.

“Delightfully delivering the last mile”
“Crowdsourcing the last mile”
“Delightful home deliveries”
“A perfect delivery experience”

I don’t want to fall into the hole Holden is in right now, which is jumping between “I’d drive that” and “Let’s Go There”. One clear message is the goal.

I’d really value your ideas here.

And a final favour

If you haven’t yet done so, Liking and sharing on social media does help a lot!

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Marshall Hughes
CEO & Founder

0419 134 461