Hand delivering your online orders

The final update for 2016!

Sales / outreach / awareness campaining

It will not surprise you that Christmas is a bad time to try and pitch new delivery options to retailers. However, I have hustled on LinkedIn and expect to talk to hundreds of potential clients in January and February. I still plan on launching at Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston with 5 retailers in February 2017.

I had a great meeting with Vicinity who own Bayside, Chadstone and 90 other shopping centres, and they are supportive.

If you know anyone at all who is connected to e-commerce, omnichannel marketing, online sales, online logistics and marketing in an Australian brick and mortar retailer I’d appreciate an introduction. Timing is a big part of this game and I’d love to talk to retailers who are recovering from their Christmas home delivery woes and lost sales.

If you want to send them something before the introduction:

http://bit.ly/What_is_Passel – 1-page quick intro
http://bit.ly/Passel_Intro_Video_4min – 4 minute video

My details are:
0419 134 461

I’m contactable all the time.


Starting to narrow this down. There’s a lot of feedback about identifying Passel’s USP in the tagline.

“Hand Delivery, same day, every day”
“Hand Delivering your Online Orders”
“Hand Delivered Today”

Keep ’em coming!

And a final favour

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Thanks. At times the support I have received from you and others has bordered on overwhelming. If I can reciprocate at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Merry Christmas,

Marshall Hughes
CEO & Founder

0419 134 461