Make $10 on your way home from the shops

It’s a new year, and time to get moving.

I’m working the retail connections as of tomorrow. Thanks to those of you who gave me some warm leads!

The other side of the market is the Delivery Members.

This is the campaign I have led with today on all my social, as well as gumtree, etc. If you are in a generous new year mood, please share with your friends/contacts/employees/networks:

Passel is the world’s first crowdsourced home delivery company.

This means that, instead of professional or even part-time couriers carrying out deliveries, it will be people on their way home from the shops such as people working in the vicinity or regular shoppers.

Passel Members make $10 on their way home from the shops!

Register now to be among the first people on the planet to join Passel.

Membership is free and Passel is launching in Frankston in 2017.

As an added bonus, every member who registers before January 28, 2017, will go into the draw to win a $200 Bayside Gift card.

Hit the link below and enter your details. ”

(Don’t forget to register yourself!)

I’ll have a stand at Bayside Shopping Centre in mid-January and will be pushing to get as many staff from the shopping centre as I can.

In other news, I have been accepted into the Pausefest expo in Melbourne from 8-10 February ( ) which should give me some added exposure.

As far as taglines go, I’m currently running with two, depending on the audience:

Make $10 on your way home – for Delivery Members


Same Day Online Deliveries – for businesses.

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