Thanks for all your feedback to the last update. I appreciate that you take the time to write to me or call me. I take all the feedback and suggestions on board even if I don’t implement them!

I’m pleased with the brand-new website ( if you haven’t visited). It still needs some work with landing page optimisation, and I’ve had the recommendation to add either some explainer videos or some cartoon storyboards to explain the Passel Process better.

I had my first meetings with retailers last week, and I’m happy to say the reception has been quite favourable, to the extent where I am currently working on setting the website up to facilitate a pilot. I won’t name names until we go live.

There is a substantial gap in the market here, and Passel can fill this from both a price and service standpoint.

My biggest challenge is to get meetings with the retailers. I am hyperactive on LinkedIn, but, if you know someone, there is nothing better than a warm introduction!

On the Delivery Member front, we now have 50 Delivery Members signed up! This is a terrific start as I have only done minimal Facebook advertising in a 10km radius of Frankston. In the next two weeks, I’ll have a stand at Bayside Shopping Centre and will visit every store in Bayside and encourage more people to sign up.

I sent the first member update video this morning and will continue with that fortnightly. I want to create a community among delivery members so will make this as personal as possible.

If you haven’t signed up, sign up here!

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Take care and I’ll be in touch, soon!

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