Obviously one of the big concerns and considerations around a crowd-sourced home delivery solution is security.

There are already existing problems in the home delivery market with so-called porch pirates or examples of professional drivers hoarding and keeping other people’s home deliveries. Even some of the current or proposed solutions, such as parcel lockers, raise additional security and safety questions.

I have been asked on a number of occasions how we’re going to establish that our Passel Delivery Members are trustworthy. The most frequent question is, “Are we going to seek a police or a background check?”. And my answer is “no”.

There are a number of reasons why I have decided not to request police or background checks for Delivery Members and any of the reasons on their own would be sufficient. Taken together they make a compelling case.

People deserve a second chance

In our society, we have a presumption of innocence. Whilst there are obvious areas where this might not happen or might not be applicable (such as working with children), in our case, I feel that the presumption of innocence is the only fair way to conduct ourselves. Just because someone made a bad decision an error of judgement five or six years ago should not preclude them from being given the opportunity to make ten bucks on their way home. We all make mistakes!

Our Delivery Members are not random people

To register as a Delivery Member a person needs to provide Passel with the following information: name, address, mobile number, email address, and at some stage probably social validation such as Facebook or perhaps a service such as Veriboost. This means that, far from being random people off the street, our Delivery Members are people have chosen to provide us with information to enable them to complete a delivery. This reduces the likelihood of someone absconding with one of our deliveries.

Passel is a 100% guaranteed service

Our guarantee to the retailer is that every single delivery will be delivered within established parameters. We’re only going to charge the retailer once delivery has been completed. This means that any burden or risk of non-delivery falls completely upon Passel and not on the retailer. If we think something is potentially going to go wrong with the delivery we’ll send a replacement at our own cost to ensure that both the retailer and the receiving customer receive a perfect service.

Same day deliveries are less risky than overnight deliveries

Industry data and insurance data show that items given to one person who is then responsible for the entire journey are much less likely to go astray than items that are dropped into anonymous overnight or interstate delivery machine. With Passel, one person will take complete and total responsibility for the entire delivery process. That’s a lot of trust that someone has to take on board! It also makes it a lot easier to figure out where something goes wrong in the unlikely event that something goes wrong!

Frictionless registration

It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to register to be a Passel Delivery Member. We’d like to keep that registration process as short as possible. If, at some stage, we introduce driver’s license checks or police checks or additional difficult validation steps this will slow down the process and reduce the number of Delivery Members we have. On top of that is the level of management and further data security that would be required once we have additional private information about Delivering Members.

At Passel, we see ourselves as a community-based organisation. Police checks are not aligned with our values and are unnecessary.

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Using a flexible crowd-sourcing platform, Passel manages local deliveries by people living and working in the local community. 
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