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Here is the update for Monday, January 30. This post is brought to you by dictation for Mac because I have a dislocated finger!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with all my focus on my two biggest challenges of getting retailers for the pilot and attracting new delivery members.

First Customers

Still no official news on retailers although I have had some extremely positive feedback and have been referred within a few major retailers.

I’ve been asked a couple of times why Passel is different to uber or a courier company or any other startup solution and the answer goes something like this:

Firstly, our Delivery Members aren’t trying to make a living from courier work. They aren’t looking to make $35 an hour, so we can keep the cost of delivery down. The proposed model is to pay them a $10 voucher. By the time an uber driver or any courier goes to a shopping centre, finds a park, goes to the store, etc, and then makes the delivery, there’s no way $10 is enough.

The second key difference is scalability. With Passel, the busier the shops, the more Delivery Members available. Think the week before Christmas when couriers, uber and Auspost are stretched to breaking point. Passel will have greater supply – not only the people shopping but all the staff of all the stores are potential Delivery Members.

Finally, Passel will be an option wherever you have a store and not just in densely populated high net worth areas. This won’t be a solution just for the inner suburbs of New York, Melbourne and London. In fact, we’re going to pilot in Frankston just to prove that point!

Delivery Members

We’re just under 100 delivery members already! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and people have asked good questions. The Facebook advertising I’ve done has still been targeting the immediate area around Frankston.

Last week we had a stand at Bayside and I was really pleased with how it came up. I had great support from the city who own bayside shopping centre along with 90 other shopping centres around Australia.

If you haven’t signed up, sign up here! Everyone in Victoria who registers before January 31 goes into the draw to win a $200 Bayside Shopping centre gift voucher. Tell your friends!

Next week – 8,9,10 February, I’ll be at the Pause Fest Startup Expo. Passel wasn’t selected to pitch which is a little bit disappointing, I’ll be there meeting at my stand and meeting with a bunch of entrepreneurs and start-up experts. If you are attending or your visiting pause fest come and say hello.

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