I know why B2B and enterprise sales is hard, but that doesn’t mean that I find my lack of

“operational activity” (Brett T)

any less frustrating.

Passel is a great service and there is a demand for it. I don’t really feel like I am “selling”, more that I am “creating awareness of a solution”. Yeah, but it’s still sales!

I’ve decided to target the big retailers first. I believe that once I have one or two retailers as partners and have proven the model, it will be easier to attract more retailers and key investors.

I know this probably violates “lean” methodology, but my experience tells me that technically it is no harder to bring on a client sending 100,000 orders a year than it is to bring one on sending 1000 orders a year.

I am still going to run the pilot at Bayside Shopping Centre, but even with 250¬†stores, there are still thousands of retailers not represented here. I’m considering asking interested retailers to send a Letter of Intent, but I’m not sure how much value they actually have.

So, I am talking to the right people in the right companies. The feedback from everyone has been positive. The only rejection I have had was from a retailer who was concerned that if they were doing 500 same day orders every day per store, Passel would overwhelm their staff.

Another objection was “come back to us when you have proven this works with our competitors!

I’ve also prepared a bit of a Slide Deck for sales presentations. If you are interested in taking a look at that, and perhaps providing some constructive feedback, please email me – marshall@passel.com.au.

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The Passel explainer video is now on YouTube – http://bit.ly/2lHrih3
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/passeldelivery/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/passel

The Passel Delivery Member list continues to grow. I’ll run another campaign when we announce a launch date. You can sign up here (or just share the link!) – https://www.passel.com.au/drive-for-passel/.

Okay, now back to sales. I’m not sure whether to watch “Wolf of Wall Street”, “Glengarry Glenross”, or a couple of seasons of “Mad Men” for inspiration!