On Wednesday night (April 26th) Passel was given a chance to pitch in front of 600 people at Startup Victoria’s Ecommerce Pitch Night.

We didn’t win but were told it was a close thing. The winner was the fantastic startup http://www.2meloveme.com/.

Our pitch runs for 5 minutes from about 9:10 on this video and is followed by a 10-minute Q&A. The last person to ask questions was Ahmed Fahour, CEO of Australia Post.

I have never spoken in front of so many people before, and it was daunting. I’d like to thank all the people who sat through my practice pitch over the last four weeks.

The feedback was tremendous, and interest in the possibilities of Passel remains high.

Soft Launch


We’re in business. The tech, the processes and the Passers (that’s what we’re calling Passel Delivery Members) are all ready to go.

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering a $1 delivery special to retailers in Frankston. Details are below. No integration is required for the local retailers as we’ve set up a special page for them to make their bookings – www.passel.com.au/frankston .

Negotiations and meetings and sales calls continue. Still, only one company has said no. A few have said “Prove it with our competitors”, and, if I was ready to launch at another shopping centre (Chadstone, Southland, Highpoint), we’d already be delivering!

On that point, we’re working through a process with Myer with a view to how we may trial this at Bayside in Frankston.


FounderX, FounderLab and Fundraising


As mentioned last time, I’m off to FounderX in May. The website has been updated – https://www.founderx.com/.

Passel is also now enrolled in FounderLab – a virtual advisory program that helps early-stage startups raise seed funding. I’ll be refining my pitch deck, reaching out to angels and VCs, and meeting with something like 200 people to secure the next round of funding to enable Passel to scale rapidly.

If you are interested in investing or wish to pass my details on to someone who is, please contact me at marshall@passel.com.au.

Thanks for your ongoing support. Whether it’s the feedback, the sharing of our social links, or even just reading through The Passel Times, it means a lot as we work hard to turn Passel from “a very good idea” into “an impressive business”!


Sharing is caring!


Thanks to everyone who continues to like and comment on my social activity. Also, thanks to those who constantly send me contact information for people I should talk with. I never say no to coffee!

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