One big piece of news this week!

Passel has a co-founder.

Probably the most frequent feedback about Passel (apart from “hey, that’s an awesome idea!”) has been people worried at the risk of backing a company with a solo founder.

At the same time, the advice has been not to just go out and add a co-founder to make other people happy.

So I have kept my eyes open and ensured I have been open to discussions with people I know, trust and who have the necessary skills and experience to compliment by skillset.

A big shout out to Allie Hilmer from ZippyCrowd who sat with me and helped me really narrow down the experience a co-founder had to have.

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce that Julian Kelabora is now my co-founder at Passel.

Julian has worked with a broad range of companies, on projects long and short, big and small, using a wide variety of technologies. In recent years has focussed more on design, DevOps and security and has become increasingly drawn towards building products.

He enjoys trying to keep up with the breakneck pace of technological advancement but remains more interested in people than technology. He has always loved building things in a team and searching for the next interesting problem or the next challenge.

Julian has a tonne of e-commerce and logistics experience, including a stint at AusPost and career highlights include the first release of Hooroo, getting into MAP (Melbourne Accelerator Program) and, of course, working on Myfreight.

Safe to say, we’re both excited. Time to get to work!

Seed Investment Round

If you were hesitant to meet and talk about investing in Passel due to there being only one, non-technical founder, I’ve fixed that!

Let’s talk!


Does your retailer offer same-day deliveries?

If you have a favourite store, and they don’t offer same day delivery (and let’s face it, very few of them do), then it would be awesome if you could tell them about Passel! Maybe a quick note:

“Hey, retailer, I am sure people would buy more from you if they could have their order inside 3 hours! Please check out for all the info!”


September launch news

We are pleased to announce that Pookipoiga has joined Motto Fashion in committing to partner with Passel when we launch in September. Each client who commits validates the Passel model, which ought to encourage more retailers to join!
Again, thanks for all your feedback, help and support. If you want to follow Passel on social media, the links are below.

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