I have spoken with, quite literally, thousands of people since I started working on Passel last year. From retailers who are likely customers to logistics and freight professionals, to everyday people who want to sign up to be Passers and make $10 on their way home.


I think I have clearly been able to spell out the value proposition to all the potential partners:


– Omnichannel retailers lose up to 70% of their sales at the shopping cart, and 3-hour delivery for a 3-day price can fix that.

– Omnichannel retailers can drive more traffic to their physical stores through developing a relationship with our Passers.

– Regular people can make $10 on their way home for little or no extra effort.

– People at home can get their online purchases quickly and cheaply almost every day of the year.

It has been pretty clear cut, and the only real roadblock we have hit has been the inability of about 50% of Australian retailers to have clear and up to date omnichannel visibility of their stock in store.

So, the question has been more of capability rather than desirability. Of the retailers who have the ability to partner with Passel, most have adopted a “wait and see” approach, which is fair enough. No one in the world has tried our model before, with the tech and the philosophy we have.

In fact, of all the retailers I have met, only one has said “no”, and their concern was that Passel pickups in store would overwhelm their click and collect counter.


To put it another way, they thought Passel would be too successful!


Our timing to launch in Australia is spot on. I challenge anyone to meet with anyone in retail and not hear the word “Amazon” mentioned. Because let’s face it, Amazon is coming. And backed by their ability to absorb a loss of USD$7 billion a year in delivery costs, they aren’t coming here to level the playing field!

It has been a difficult journey so far. It took me too long to find the perfect co-founder. Mostly because I didn’t realise how much I needed a co-founder. Fundraising has been a hard slog, again, probably because I was looking for the wrong sort of money from the wrong sort of people.

Through it all, though, everyone has continually told me that Passel is an awesome idea and they can’t wait to see it succeed. They would definitely use it and will absolutely tell all their friends. People have offered to help, people want to work for sweat equity. Goodness, we’ve even raised $100k pre-revenue.

Add to that the fact we are launching this month with real clients!

Safe to say that I have a pretty high level of confidence in Passel right now. Hopefully not an unhealthy level of self-confidence. There’s a balance.

I talk about Passel so much, I have auto-responders in my brain for the questions I almost always am asked:

“So, is this an Uber for couriers?”
“What do you do if someone steals the shopping?”
and, of course:
“So, how does this work, exactly?”


Until last Friday, no one had ever asked: “What’s In It For Me?”.


To qualify, the question came in response to me asking if this well-known premium Australian retailer could share information about becoming a Passer with their staff. People who work in retail are perfectly placed to make a delivery on their way home. It’s such a great solution that Walmart is trying it.

“I’ll think about it, but what’s in it for me?”

Well. Good question. Come on, Passel is a cool startup, potentially disrupting or enabling global e-commerce! Passel is a cool idea! Amazon is coming!

I didn’t say any of that. I actually just said, “let me get back to you”.

So, dear reader, what’s in it for you? Why would you share info about Passel with your staff, friends and family? Why should everyone join Passel, even if you may never be in the right place at the right time to be given the opportunity to complete a delivery on your way home and make $10?


Here are 5 awesome reasons, plus a bonus one:


1) Your staff, friends and family are already participating in the sharing or gig economies, or they are going to anyway. Data is not available in Australia, but in the US, 45 million people are reported to have offered work in this space.

2) Passel is supplementary and opportunistic income, not an alternative to working for you or with you. I don’t like the gig economy for work at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale, particularly in taxi services or app-based courier companies. These businesses drive their competitiveness by paying workers as little as possible, whilst encouraging the workers to see themselves as “independent” or, worse still, “entrepreneurs”.

If you want to read more about that, there’s a great article on The Huffington Post – How the Sharing Economy Screws American Workers.

3) When Passel is up and running at scale, everyone will win. Retailers will sell more, customers will get their purchases when they want them, and people will make an extra $10 here and there. By encouraging people to sign up now, you are helping make this a reality.

4) Do you care about the environment and congestion? Passel will increase the number of home deliveries without adding a single vehicle to the roads. In fact, Passers don’t even need to drive. Most corporations have an environmental policy. Passel contributes to that.

5) And, come on, Passel is a cool idea. By promoting Passel to your friends, family and staff, you can join in with the cool factor! This is the 21st Century where anything is possible. Here’s your opportunity to be able to tell people you were there with Passel at the beginning!

6) And, if that’s not enough, then everyone who registers in the next 10 days goes into the draw to win a $250 Gift Voucher!


Alright, I’ve convinced myself. I wonder if I’ve influenced you?


If I have, then please share the following:

With Passel, anyone can make $10 on their way home!
Learn more, and go into the draw to win a $250 Gift Voucher to the store of your choice at


If I haven’t convinced you, I genuinely would love a chat. It’s okay not to drink the Kool-Aid!

Take care,



Again, thanks for all your feedback, help and support. If you want to follow Passel on social media, the links are below.

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