Welcome, Purebaby!


Sorry for the delay in updates. We’ve been busy.

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Australian premium organic cotton babywear brand Purebaby.


We have started providing 3-hour deliveries from their Chadstone store, and plan to roll the service out to more stores throughout Melbourne.

This is exciting for us on a number of fronts. Purebaby has a magnificent relationship with their clients and wants to provide the absolute best service possible. This is a great validation of our business philosophy at Passel.

Also, getting into Chadstone is a huge step. It’s definitely the biggest shopping centre in Australia and perhaps the southern hemisphere. It is full of premium retailers and is renowned for being extremely busy. It’s a great location to really help kick Passel up a notch.

Early feedback from a Purebaby customer:

“just did some shopping for gifts over the phone at Purebaby and it will be at my door in three hours. So excited! Fabulous service.”

The other benefit to the Purebaby launch at Chadstone is that we can now offer Passel to any retailer at Chadstone. If you know someone who might be interested, please send them my way!

Passel in the media


In case you missed it, our media updates come courtesy of Metro News TV in Indonesia and The Postal Hub Podcast.

The Metro News TV article also features Dr Kate Cornick from Launchvic and Jason Lim from The York Butter Factory. According to people in the know, Metro News TV is the CNN of Indonesia. Maybe our growth path is Melbourne – Sydney – Jakarta?

The video is available here – http://bit.ly/Passel_MetroNewsTV – If the video is too long watch, we’re at 1:10. Then hang around for Kate and Jason.

We are working on a translation. Does anyone know how to say “crowdsourcing” in Indonesian?

I was fortunate to be interviewed by Ian Kerr on The Postal Hub Podcast that also features Then Ti Mak, Innovation Partner at Australia Post’s Accelerate.


We want more Passers!

The Passel member drive continues in earnest. We’re now delivering to about 300 suburbs in Melbourne and I doubt I will ever feel we have enough people signed up!

The pitch to Passers is – Do you want to make $10 on your way home from the shops? It’s fun, and you get to deliver to front doors that look like this:

(By the way, when we do “Authority to Leave”, the Passer takes a photo. It’s great for a Proof of Delivery, and might make for a great coffee table book in the future.)

It takes about a minute to sign up to be a Passer and there is no pressure to accept a job when it is offered. If it’s convenient, then do the delivery. If not, just say no, Nancy.


In addition to making $10 on their way home, Passers also get access to exclusive deals and discounts at Passerland. More on that below.

Do you want to be featured on Passerland?


Passerland is the place to shop for Passers! As a Passel Delivery Member, Passers will receive a range of discounts and vouchers. To kick it off, we’ve got 10% off at Pookipoiga and a free meal from Feastively.

As a key part of our mission at Passel is to help the retailers sell more, we intend on Passers having access to a range of discounts that encourage them to shop at Passel Partner Stores. This ought to be a virtuous circle where everyone wins!

We’re happy to add more value to Passer membership. If you think your product or service might be one our Passers are interested in, contact us and we’ll see if we can’t help you gain some more new business.

We’re not interested in affiliate schemes or making money from the Passerland page – this is all about an awesome experience for Passers!
Again, thanks for all your feedback, help and support. If you want to follow Passel on social media, the links are below.

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