Okay, so, we did it.

Passel, the world’s first genuine crowd-sourced courier company, delivered from the crowd!

The theory on which Passel is built is that we can get regular people, going about their daily lives, to deliver for us. Not couriers, not Uber drivers and not people sitting around waiting for us to send them a job.

At 4:46 pm on Friday, November 17th, 2017, Passel completed its first genuine delivery. (Up until then, it was one of us, Sree from Pookipoiga, or Julian’s better half!)

The Passer (delivery person) was not a courier at all and she was acquired through our marketing efforts – not friend or family or people we met at lunch.

The order was placed online at Pookipoiga and successfully processed via our API.

We correctly identified potential Passers.

The communication to each Passer was via text and was not altered at all. A person accepted the job, and then the system took over.

From order confirmation to delivery was just on two and a half hours.

Everyone is happy!

The entire process we followed is scalable. Now, all we need is more retailers and more Passers! But more about that later.


Pookipoiga, Purebaby and Passel

Surely it’s just coincidence that everything around here starts with “P”.

Purebaby is running nicely out of Chadstone. If you want some awesome baby stuff delivered to your door, check out their website here and then call Chadstone on 9563 1144 to place your order. We’ll deliver it to most of Melbourne within 3 hours for $15.

Quite handy considering Chadstone only has 10,000 car parking spaces and at this time of the year that is NOT enough.

Pookipoiga has generously extended their 10% discount deal to friends of Passel. The code is PASSPOOKI and applies even if you don’t choose Passel for delivery. But choose Passel for delivery.


We need more Passers, so we changed something.

The Passel member drive continues in earnest and you may have seen our ads on Facebook or YouTube. If you haven’t, that might be because you don’t fit the target demographic.

We’re now delivering to about 300 suburbs in Melbourne. Julian created a nice map which is connected to the back end somehow.

What did we change?

The original concept was “pay by a voucher”. Based on our market research and also feedback from a potential client, we have added the option of “pay by bank transfer”. Since adding that option, half the people who have registered have chosen bank transfer!

So, we continue to learn.

If you want to sign up to be a Passer or want to get your friends, family and colleagues to sign up, go here.


Do you want your brand to be featured on Passerland?


Passerland is the place to shop for Passers! As a Passel Delivery Member, Passers will receive a range of discounts and vouchers. To kick it off, we’ve got 10% off at Pookipoiga and a free meal from Feastively.

As a key part of our mission at Passel is to help the retailers sell more, we intend on Passers having access to a range of discounts that encourage them to shop at Passel Partner Stores. This ought to be a virtuous circle where everyone wins!

We’re happy to add more value to Passer membership. If you think your product or service might be one our Passers are interested in, contact us and we’ll see if we can’t help you gain some more new business.

We’re not interested in affiliate schemes or making money from the Passerland page – this is all about an awesome experience for Passers!
Again, thanks for all your feedback, help and support. If you want to follow Passel on social media, the links are below.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/passeldelivery/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/passel
Instagram! – https://www.instagram.com/passeldelivery/