“Let’s get down to business. I don’t got no time to play around. What is this?”

Thanks, Marshall Mathers!


Product Update

The MVP is running well. Yesterday, we had two deliveries from different stores to the same address!

Average elapsed time from booking to delivery is now 2 hours and 9 minutes. My goal is 90 minutes.

The tech team are busy working on the App. We need to have this launched soon if only to take full advantage of the fact we will be featured in the Heraldsun on March 1st. Also, the national rollout needs an App!

Passer updates are now on Facebook live – https://business.facebook.com/passeldelivery/videos/2032564000295299/

And we’ve had some incredibly positive reviews! https://www.facebook.com/passeldelivery/reviews



Purebaby confirmed yesterday they will be capable of “ship from store” in March and that they want to expand our service to their Sydney and Brisbane stores and integrate Passel into the online store. This will mean a sharp increase in their volumes. Also, in light of startup news this week, it is nice to see a client test the service and then seek to increase the relationship!

The Brauz relationship is really exciting. Their pitch to customers now includes Passel and they’re getting excellent feedback.

A typical response from one of their clients is “Of course we want 3-hour delivery!”

Frontline Stores is officially onboard, so I think I will need to make 700 phone calls very soon. Yesterday, I had a call from a store in Mandurah. Not yet…

Until clients actually sign, they’re not clients so I won’t name names, but.

Suffice to say I expect to soon be able to get you your menswear, womenswear, coffee, books and party supplies within 3 hours in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. And pet food. Have you ever run out of Hills Science Diet on a Sunday afternoon?

This traction has helped generate investor interest over the last few weeks. I now understand that, before asking for $250k, one needs to have proven the business case!


Just one favour, and a thanks!

One favour, please. Although we can advertise to acquire Passers, the free ones are better!

If you have friends and family, in particular, who are female 18-45 or anyone who works in retail, I’m sure they’ll love you for encouraging them to sign up at http://join.passel.com.au/.

Not only do Passers have the chance to make $10 on their way home from the shops, but we also can offer them a range of special offers and discounts! And, don’t forget the glowing reviews from Passers – https://www.facebook.com/passeldelivery/reviews

It would be remiss of me not to thank all of you who continue to offer advice, opinions. It takes a village to raise a startup, and even if it is just sending me a link, I really appreciate it.

By the way, I did see that GoPeople landed $3m in investment this week. As an old freight guy, I think it’s great to see there is still life in the traditional courier model. The highlight for me was this sentence:

“There are a wealth of players in the local delivery space looking to capitalise; from Sherpa to Sendle, Shippit to Passel, Zoom2u and Australia Post itself, Go People’s competitors are formidable.”

Damn right, we are!

Talk soon, enjoy the sunshine,