Sorry for the delay in this report.

We have been extremely busy and I’ve had a Level 4 Man Flu, so reporting kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list.

If this is your first visit to the blog welcome, and thanks for reading!


App and tech update

The Passel App is now in Alpha testing with about 20 volunteers. We’ve been lucky to have continued help from Ben and a couple of experts. We’re testing location tracking, battery drain and how we best display the vouchers/deals to the Passer.  A quick shoutout to our partners at Ovisto for helping provide our Passers with genuinely exclusive and valuable deals.

I’d like to be able to promise a release date for the App, but Julian would kill me.



Signed customers who have commenced: Pookipoiga and Purebaby. Both still going. In light of recent startup-related ASX events, I’d like to stress that 100% of our customers are still active paying customers. In fact, Purebaby is expanding our relationship online and interstate.

Signed customers waiting for dev to commence: Brauz, Frontline Stores, and Australia’s Largest Party Store – The Party People!

We expect to launch these all on April 3, and additionally will expand our Purebaby relationship. I can’t be too specific, but look out in Sydney, Brisbane and Point Cook!

Here’s a joke about tech sales and timelines:

Q: What’s the difference between a used car salesperson and a tech salesperson?

A: The used car salesperson KNOWS they are lying to you.
We were at the  Retail Fulfilment Summit this week and had a ball. More about that next week.


You might have been lucky enough to meet our new Community Manager – Bec Campbell. More about Bec in coming weeks, but we’re excited to have someone as part of Passel who is actually representative of our target demographic for Passers!


Investment News:

I’m pleased to announce we have successfully secured strategic investments from one of Australia’s leading IT recruitment companies – CircuIT Recruitment and one of Australia’s premier retail shopfitting companies – Adept Project Solutions.

Over and above the financial backing which will enable Passel to scale out to Sydney and Brisbane and add more and more retailers, these two companies bring a combination of HR, retail and commercial expertise, and a new exciting network of business partnerships.