Welcome to The Passel Times – just a couple of quick updates before we go into a development sprint getting the App ready for public use, and prepare Passel to handle the post-Easter launch.


Beta here we come!


The App is nearly ready for Beta! This means we’ll be able to have up to 10,000 iPhone Passers and an unlimited number of Android Passers.

In case you were wondering, our Passers are split 65/35 iPhone/Android.

Battery use on most devices is down to 1%, which is almost unnoticeable. Julian and the team are really focussed on making Passel invisible when not in use, and really delightful and easy to use when the Passer has a delivery on the go or is just using a voucher or discount.

In fact, we really want to load up the vouchers and discounts so Passers get some genuine value out of their free App, as well as the opportunity to make $10 on the way home.

The Beta will be a full blown working version of the App. Once it has launched we’ll start making it better and adding more cool stuff.

Our Alpha testers have been awesome and we are quite grateful!


Speaking of genuine value – $20 off Repairy!


We are pleased to announce our newest partnership with disruptive auto service startup, Repairy.

Repairy is a full-service automotive concierge provider that eliminates the hassle of auto service, care, and maintenance. We pick up your car, oversee your service, and advocate on your behalf. We don’t just make your mechanic experience more convenient — we let you skip the mechanic completely. We serve as your advocate to make sure you’re never overcharged or sold an unnecessary service.

Repairy is giving Passers $20 off when they book in for a service or repair.

To get the code and access to more awesome offers, as well as the opportunity to make $10 on your way home, go to Passerland! (https://www.passel.com.au/passerland/)

If you aren’t a Passer, sign up for free at http://join.passel.com.au/ and get your password now.


Feastively offer updated – $25 off your first order!


With Feastively’s ready-to-cook meals you can do exactly that – spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things that matter.

They send you pre-cut fresh ingredients so it only takes 15 minutes, from box to plate, to cook up a delicious feast at home. If you are not a fan of cleaning up, they’ve got your back with one pan cooking.

With their easy 3-step cooking formula you’ll be the master chef for the evening.

And right now, if you order 3 or more boxes, Feastively will deliver for free right across Melbourne!

More info at Passerland – https://www.passel.com.au/passerland/

If you’re not a Passer, you can register for free here: http://join.passel.com.au/


Launch date announcement imminent!


We’re almost ready to lock in a launch date. I’m pretty confident for April 3, which is the day after Easter. Not confident enough to officially announce just yet…

We’re thinking of having a “Launch Event”. If you have any ideas about what might work and especially be relevant for Passel, please let me know.


Passel Demo Video


Last week we were invited to take part in The Founder Institute’s Australian Online Demo Day. The pressure was on as we were instructed to present in 3 minutes, or less.

If you are interested, you can check out the pitch here – http://bit.ly/Passel_Online_Demo_Day

Take care,