The wait is almost over!


Just a really quick update. It’s been a couple of weeks and it’s important to us that you know what’s going on with Passel.


Channel 7 News

We were really lucky to host Gemma Acton from 7 News last week. She and camera/soundman Ben filmed and interviewed us about Passel at our home base – The Frankston Foundry, before heading to Purebaby Chadstone where we were lucky to find Purebaby’s founder – Mirabai Winford, who was also interviewed.

We don’t have an air date for the story yet. We do know that it will be on the 7 nightly news in mid-April. We’re hopefully going to make the air date coincide with our official launch in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and maybe even have an Adelaide and Perth announcement ready.


Launch Party and the App!

If everything comes together, we’ll hold a big launch party on the 15th or 16th of April.

We plan on live streaming the event on YouTube and Facebook.

If the stars are really aligned, you’ll be able to download the App from the App Store or Google Play and start getting delivery opportunities later that week.

Launch stores include Pookipoiga, Purebaby, Storm in a D Cup, The Party People and a whole bunch of stores in Melbourne using the Brauz service.


10,000 Passers?

We’re aiming to sign 10,000 Passers in April.

The more Passers we have, the safer retailers feel partnering with us, and the more delivery opportunities there will be!

The channel 7 news story ought to give us a boost, but nothing beats word of mouth.

Can you tell your friends, co-workers and family? We’ve made it easy for you. All you need to do is copy and paste the text below into a Facebook post or an email!


Passel is the crowdsourced delivery platform that lets you make money while out shopping or on your way home from work.

It’s simple: shop, deliver, cash in.

Get started today (oh, and its free!)



Thanks in advance!

Marshall Hughes
CEO & Co-Founder