We’ve been working on this for a long time and things have kicked up a gear.

It’s been a big couple of weeks.

Brand awareness is huge. 21k video views on LinkedIn, 120k on Facebook. 19k visitors to the website. Thousands of Passers signed up.

If you just said “what video?” – this one from the channel 7 news – http://bit.ly/Passel_Channel7_News

So let’s start with the customers:

iolife and Evergreen will start within a week.

Actually, iolife just started today!

Tech stuff

The Magento sites have been slightly delayed because we have a bottleneck and can’t work on everything at once.

The App is running, the back end works, and we have the ability to quite quickly onboard Shopify sites.

With that in mind, I am targeting Shopify sites as potential customers.

Once the Magento integration is running, we will quickly ramp up our daily volumes.

I’ve always been conscious of “suspects vs prospects”, so anyone who hasn’t signed does not go on the report.


Once Purebaby ramps up and the other customers get going, we’re looking at 50 deliveries a day, again just with the signed and started customers. 50 deliveries a day is $20k a month revenue.

Our Passer onboarding is still clunky and we will work on reducing the friction once we have more deliveries going on.

I’ve been invited by the City of Adelaide to present at an event in late May in front of retailers, and at the same time, they want to see how many of their employees we can convert to Passers. A few retailers have also agreed to promote Passel to their employees across their stores nationwide.

Things are finally starting to accelerate.

The Ask

Lack of manpower is a real constraint at the moment, as all development is sequential.

This is the time when a quick injection of capital will enable us to scale and scale fast.

If you know someone who is going to hate you in 5 years because you knew about Passel in 2018 and didn’t tell them, then now is the time to tell them!


Marshall Hughes
One of the guys from Passel
0419 134 461

PS – Don’t have the App yet? You can download it now from Google or the App Store.