Strategic Plan

We’re up to Version 0.2 in the strategic plan. It’s predicated on the fact that we have now proven Passel works and now we have to focus on scale and global growth.

It’s a work in progress with three key elements:

1 – Acquire 10 key retail customers in Australia
2 – Engage 5 key retailers in the US and 5 key retailers in the UK
3 – Staffing, HQ, gearing for growth.


Retailer Traction

7 customers started! Great to get support from early adopters, but they are not high volume senders.

7 customers signed and ready to start. Pending Magento 1, Magento 2, and a few other integrations.  We are working on this as quickly as possible and have been blessed with patient customers.

The good thing about getting these integrations done is that the next batch of retailers will be launched much faster.


Pipeline Highlights

It’s been really cool to meet daily with people in retail. There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback and, finally, after 18 months, people say “hey, I know about Passel”!

Some highlights from the last few weeks:

Melbourne Central – extremely keen to introduce this to all their retailers. The most engaged shopping centre I have met with so far. 59 million people visit Melbourne Central every year.

Ivanhoe Traders – a strip shopping mall with 150 retailers.

Mornington – great start with Evergreen Clothing (more about that below). The Chamber of Commerce and Council are engaged and we have had many enquiries from the Main Street this week.

I’m happy with the diversity there – a CBD shopping centre, a suburban shopping strip and a regional council. It shows we can work anywhere!


What can you do?

Thanks for asking!

1) Download the Passel App and sign up. It doesn’t matter if you think you may never do a delivery.

2) Tell everyone you know to download the Passel App. They then tell their friends and family, and so on.

3) If you know anyone in retail, tell them about Passel. Get me in a room, and I’ll do the rest!

Nearly forgot.

Evergreen Clothing.

We had 2 pickups on the very first morning.

The second Passer didn’t move from the store as quickly as I expected so I messaged Mel from Evergreen to make sure everything was under control.

It turns out that the Passer bought something when she came into the store to pick up!

That’s a significant event. Part of our pitch to the retailers is that, not only do they gain a new sale online, but we also bring a potential customer into the store.

Another √

As always, thanks for your ongoing advice and support.