Update on Ireland

There is a story worth telling at some stage about the challenges of getting KYC and compliance from our chosen Irish bank. Part of the problem is their description of Passel as “a Global Logistics customer” and subsequent request for a business plan, amongst other things.

Like, I’ll take the label of being a Global Logistics customer, just not the hassle.

The delay means it is unlikely we will be up and running in time to make a delivery before Christmas in Ireland, but we haven’t given up hope just yet.

I have had some great advice from friends at DFAT, Dublin City and a few others, so hopefully, things will get moving shortly. There is plenty of other stuff going on!

The app has been updated in a number of areas, including GDPR, plus the app will offer the reward in the correct currency for the country you are currently in. Passer data privacy and security is really important to us. Interestingly, compliance was much easier than we had been led to expect, so we are very happy.

If you have an iPhone and access to the Uk or Irish App Stores, you can go ahead and download the app now – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/passel/id1347027823?ls=1&mt=8

Your feedback would be most appreciated.

We are starting to line up retailers in Dublin and Belfast. More news on that to follow.


A Very Passel Christmas

Our Christmas marketing campaign this year is called “A Very Passel Christmas” (#averypasselchristmas because all campaigns require at least one hashtag).

Selected retailers will offer free Passel delivery from December 17th to 24th.



This is timed to coincide with Australia Post’s cut off date for delivery before Christmas. Most, if not all, retailers will put messages on their website on December 16th advising that they cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas for anything ordered after that date.

We’re calling that the #christmascutoff and our campaign is in stark contrast


We’ll run a full social and marketing campaign around this. Our goal is to generate significant buzz, perhaps get some media attention and also create some great stories to power our corporate retail marketing sales in January.


Bikechaser – 150 bike stores coming soon to Passel



We’re very excited that Cam Nicholls (You can check him out on YouTube) is bringing Bikechaser to Passel.

Bike Chaser exists to support and foster the growth of the Australian cycling community (Bike Shops and Cyclists) by providing a platform for cyclists to connect and trade.

Here’s a sneak peek of Cam’s thoughts about Passel http://bit.ly/2zxL58N.

I will squeeze another post in before Christmas, but if I don’t, season’s greetings and I’ll see you next year.