Just a quick update this week. Some big news and a progress report.


Really excited to break the news that sometime in the next couple of weeks, Passel will commence a pilot with Dymocks Books.

Founded in 1879, Dymocks is Australia’s largest bookseller and has 65 stores around Australia.

The pilot store is in Camberwell in Victoria.

If you have friends, family or workmates in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, then now might be a really cool time to encourage them to sign up.

All Passers who sign up in March go into the draw to win a $50 Dymocks voucher.

And of course, don’t forget to check out Dymocks Camberwell.

Ireland and Northern Ireland

Not long now until we launch. Our customer service partner in Europe is getting their team ready and then we have some security and GDPR checks to work through.

We were given the opportunity last week to present our proposal for follow on, Phase 2, funding as part of the ongoing Dublin and Belfast SBIR Last Mile Delivery program. If successful in securing additional funds we’re looking to grow a team of local people to help Passel scale.

I think the presentation went well, but it’s a nervous wait as I don’t know how well the other teams presented!

But, even without further generous incentives from the Irish and British governments, we’re good to go.

We have Rose and Brimstone in Belfast and Bikes or Bicycles in Dublin currently preparing to activate Passel, and we are confident of commencing with several other retailers as well.

That’s all the news for now, back to work.


Marshall Hughes
one of the team at Passel