We’ve been delivering around Australia for over a year with an average delivery time of 1:48.

To prove we can deliver for you, and get your customers to pay for it, we’re launching Passel Now (www.passel.com.au/passelnow).

Your Shopping Delivered in 3 Hours, or it’s Free!

To get started with Passel Now, simply email the person in your company who can provide Passel with links to your top-selling SKUs. Please cc marshall@passel.com.au so we can help them out.

That’s it.

We know your customers want fast delivery, and we know they’ll pay for it.

We asked them:

We’ll launch the test, we’ll share the results.

No integration, no cost, no commitment, no additional labour, no discounts, no commissions.

If it doesn’t work, it’s cost you nothing.

All the risk is on us.

When it does work, then we can talk further. 

You can join stores such as Purebaby, Sanity and Dymocks.

All you need to do is forward this email to the person in your company who can send me links to your top-selling SKUs.

We look forward to delivering on your behalf.