Here it is:

Passel Now is alive and kicking. (But a soft launch).

In the next day or so we’ll add our “Buy Now Pay Later” partner – Shophumm –

Buy Now Pay Later is critical for e-commerce. We expect it to account for 25% of our orders.

I hope you can find a couple of minutes to please check the site and have a play around. Postcode 3199 is the launch suburb.

It would be terrific if you have family members who actually shop online, and they check it out and let me know what they think. I mentioned earlier we expect the majority of our visitors to be on mobile and feedback on that experience will be invaluable.

Feedback to if that’s ok?

If everything goes to plan, we’ll officially launch July 15 with 24 stores.

Passel Now – Delivered in 3 hours, or it’s free!