Passel Now has launched. The ads take awhile to spool up but have started.

We’ve had a great response from our partner retailers, and this is exciting!



There are a number of opportunities brewing in this, the world’s most important eCommerce market.

Check out the numbers:

That’s $USD, by the way.


We have always envisaged Passel’s capability as being much more than the challenging task of getting regular people to deliver on their way home from the shops. Once we energise a community of people and offer them the capability to monetise the excess capacity, the options open up.

With that in mind, may I introduce Cardle?

For people who can’t get to the post office to collect their missed deliveries, or can’t be bothered standing in line, Cardle takes the hassle out of online shopping by picking up your carded items and delivering when you get home.

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