Just the FAQs, ma’am…


What is Passel?

Passel is the world’s first crowdsourced home delivery company.

This means that, instead of professional or casual couriers carrying out deliveries, it’s people on their way home from the shops such as people who work in retail or people shopping.


What is a Passer?

A Passer is a Passel Delivery Member who is a person who has registered their details with Passel and has indicated they are prepared to make a delivery on their way home. Registration is free.

Passers receive a $10 after delivery has been completed.


How do I register?

Go to http://join.passel.com.au/.


How does Passel work?

Our customers – retailers in shopping centres – prepare an order in-store.
They let Passel know that an item is ready to be delivered and they let us know the delivery information.

Passel then selects a Passer based on a number of factors, including:

– Passer current location
– Passer home or work address
– Receiver Address

– The Passer’s likely departure time from the Shopping Centre
The Passer then receives a message asking if they want to deliver from a shop to a delivery address.

The Passer can say “Yes” or “No”. If they say yes, they will receive the following:

1) Advice on the store details.
2) Advice on the nature of the items.
3) A reference number to quote at Pickup.

Once the item has been collected, the Passel Member will receive delivery information and delivers within the agreed timeframe.

Sometimes, you might see a message offering $20 for a delivery within 2-hours. This is a “calling-all-Passers” message, and the first person to reply will have the opportunity to complete the delivery!


What are the responsibilities of a Passer?

1) Pick up the item.
2) Deliver the item.
3) Send a quick message to Passel confirming delivery.


How is a Passer paid?

When a Passer registers, they can choose a $10 bank transfer (EFT) or a $10 gift voucher. Gift vouchers are paid instantly, the bank transfer can take up to a working day.


What if there is a problem with the delivery?

Call Passel on 1800 PASSEL and we will quickly resolve any problems.


How do I change my details?

Soon we will have a special page to manage your account, access your special details and change your information. Until then, there is a link at the bottom of every Passer Update you have received that says “Update your Preferences”. Click that, and you can change stuff.

Alternatively, just drop us a line at marshall.hughes@passel.com.au and we can change your info.


How does Passel protect my personal information?

With the exception of providing your name and email address to our partners so they can issue a gift certificate, Passel will not share any identifiable information with anyone.

Our Privacy Policy is available here – http://bit.ly/Passel_Privacy_Policy


I have more questions!

Cool, contact us at https://www.facebook.com/passeldelivery/ or marshall.hughes@passel.com.au or call 1800 PASSEL