Over $4 Trillion USD of online shopping carts are ABANDONED. 

Why are carts abandoned?

Poor freight options lead to lost sales!


High Shipping Costs




Slow delivery

Expensive shipping

Customers are happy to pay for a premium service but on average shipping costs are $10-$15 for 3-5 day shipping.


Unsure on shipping costs

1 out of 5 people don’t know how much shipping they have to pay. There are too many options with too many rules.

Average Fulfilment is 3-5 Working Days

At Passel we can guarantee delivery in 3 hours.

The Passel Process

How can Passel help?

Passel helps retailers gain more sales by providing inexpensive, convenient and delightful 3-hour deliveries. 

Using a flexible crowd-sourcing platform, Passel manages local deliveries via regular people living and working in the local community.

The Benefits

1) Retailers gain additional sales revenue.

2) Customers receive a much better level of service.

3) Delivery members receive a gift voucher.

4) Shopping centres continue to thrive as busy community hubs.

5) Reduced vehicle trips equal a lower environmental footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Passel deliver?

Passel can deliver anything available in an Australian brick and mortar retailer with the following exceptions:

  • Alcohol, tobacco products, firearms and schedule pharmaceuticals
  • Freshly cooked food or food requiring a constant temperature in transit
  • Items over 16kg
  • Items that require more than one person to carry
What is your service guarantee?

Passel will provide a 100% service guarantee. If there is a problem with a delivery, Passel will provide a replacement to the receiver at no cost and as quickly as possible.

How does billing work?

The retailer will not be charged until delivery is confirmed by the receiver.

How can the retailer be confident delivery will happen?

Passel will manage the entire process from pick up in the store to delivery confirmation. We understand that your online customers are extremely valuable and will ensure that the service is seamless. This is supported by our guarantee.

Does a retailer require specific technology?

No, Passel will integrate with the retailer’s online shopping cart and we will be responsible for any API or middleware requirements.

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